Saturday, July 18, 2009

Petit - Big Luxury for Little Kids

The lush top quality products of the Petit range include Petit Enfant - for babies & toddlers; Petit Amour - for girls; and Petit Prince - for boys. Attractively packaged and afordably priced, the Petit range is soap-free, ph neutral and enriched with nourishing vegetable oils and plant xtracts - now even the littles individuals can experience luxury, decadence and quality!

I just love the Petit Prince range as it is not very often you find things just for the boys. Petit Prince gives even the most macho of boys, the opportunity to get into good grooming habits and develop their personal hygiene regime. The stars of the Petit Prince range are its colognes - designed specifically with active boys in mind, these refreshing fragrances provide the perfect balance of zest and fragrance. No more drowning in dad's aftershave! With attractive, masculine and classic packaging, your little man is sure to love using these products.

Visit their website to find your nearest stockist in Australia and New Zealand.

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