Friday, July 31, 2009

A Big Thank You

To the team at Connect2Mums for an amazing Live Chat!! You girls rock!

Thank you to everyone who signed up to the blog and newsletter, I appreciate your support :)

I apologize for my laptop crashing half way through, not cool laptop!

See you all at the next C2M live chat....

Louise xxxx
Scamps Boutqiue - more than just cloth nappies!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

When: 31st July 2009
Where: C2M Chat
Time: 8pm - 9pm (that is 10pm - 11pm NZT)

  1. Paula
  2. Louise (Scamps)
  3. Caddie Noakes
  4. ChookMook
  5. MJPhotography
  6. Felicity Moore
  7. Nicole Grant
  8. Danielle Parmenter
  9. Peace
  10. Vicki Frittmann
  11. Nicole
  12. Vicki Wallis
  13. Jessica
  14. Jo Debnam
  15. Jodie Maher
  16. Claudette Betterridge
  17. Helen MacMillan - AquaBub
  18. Erin - Prior Engagement
  19. Monquie - Your Cheeky Monkey
  20. Sandra - Pure Earth
  21. Sue from Soobies
  22. Rose-Leah H
  23. Kindy Kamper
  24. Nicky Perry
  25. Louise Newman - Aspire Candles
  26. Jayne Day - Swish Lily
  27. Kim Baker
  28. Jaki Falco
  29. Megan Mortimer
  30. Maria Agostino
  31. Melissa Creamer
  32. Jodie Quinlan
  33. Yumiko @ KidsGear
  34. Amanda Guilfoyle
  35. Rebecca
  36. Maree Evans
  37. Andrea's Natural Therapies
  38. Carmen @ InkPink Design
  39. Kylie Handford
  40. Catherine
  41. Katy
  42. Emma
  43. The Wall Sticker Company
I will be offering some pretty awesome specials on the night! Another great reason to join us :)

Live Chat Special Offer: Sign up to receive Scamps Boutique monthly e-newsletter tonight and receive 10% off your order. I will email a code through to you!

Win yourself a $50 Gift Voucher

Scamps Boutique wants to know what you think! Take part in their survey and you go in the draw to win a $50 gift voucher to spend at Scamps Boutique.

An insight into my two girls

I really love this photo that my wonderful husband took of me with our two girls.

Had to share this one of our baby sucking her toes. Brings a smile to my face everytime I look at it :)

Thought I would share a bit about the girls birth stories. I do enjoy hearing about birth stories even if does make me even more clucky.

Amelia was born in 2006, a planned home birth, and is turning 3 in Sept, I honestly can't believe my little baby is nearly 3! She is excited to be having a party but not too sure what we are doing for her. My 1st attempt was shocking! I burnt the bottoms of the cupcakes, and her cake wasn't cooked properly (ovens fault...I swear!) and fell to bits when I tried getting it out of the tin. So we had to do a mad rush to the bakery for one which meant Daddy couldn't eat it.

Kiya was born in 2009, should have been another home birth but unfortunately everything conspired against it, she was almost a road side baby but we made it to the maternity unit with about 5 mins to spare. At 5 months, Kiya is a big baby (I don't do small babies it would seem) already 67cm long so almost in size 0-size 1 clothes and is 7kg already so that means medium nappies - just another excuse to buy more nappies haha!

Did your birth go according to plan?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Petit - Big Luxury for Little Kids

The lush top quality products of the Petit range include Petit Enfant - for babies & toddlers; Petit Amour - for girls; and Petit Prince - for boys. Attractively packaged and afordably priced, the Petit range is soap-free, ph neutral and enriched with nourishing vegetable oils and plant xtracts - now even the littles individuals can experience luxury, decadence and quality!

I just love the Petit Prince range as it is not very often you find things just for the boys. Petit Prince gives even the most macho of boys, the opportunity to get into good grooming habits and develop their personal hygiene regime. The stars of the Petit Prince range are its colognes - designed specifically with active boys in mind, these refreshing fragrances provide the perfect balance of zest and fragrance. No more drowning in dad's aftershave! With attractive, masculine and classic packaging, your little man is sure to love using these products.

Visit their website to find your nearest stockist in Australia and New Zealand.

Cloth Nappies with Flair

Scamps Boutique is proud to announce the arrival of The Couture Nappy Collection – a beautiful new range of high fashion cloth nappies made from designer fabrics for a stylish and comfortable tushy.

Incorporating a hidden layer of ‘pul’ panels to prevent leaking and ensure reliability, these latest trendsetting nappies demonstrate outstanding performance while helping you to help the environment and buy New Zealand-made.

Scamps Boutique also stocks the required inserts and bamboo booster inserts for The Couture Collection pocket cloth nappies.

Funky, eyecatching and totally reliable.

Available in two sizes - baby 4kg to 9.5kg or toddler 9kg to 16kg

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lollipop Baby - Quirky and Personalised Baby Apparel

Since the launch in February 2009, Lollipop Baby has been grooving up babies with their quirky and cute graphic tees & onesies.
Their personalised designs will make sure your baby jumps out of the crowd and makes a statement! By popular demand, Lollipop Baby has come up with more personalised t-shirts and onesies for the babes, including the ever so popular personalised first birthday designs .

Head over to
Lollipop Baby if you are looking for something quirky, or better yet personalised for your baby!

All garments are custom made and printed on 100% cotton. Available in long/short sleeved t-shirts and short sleeved onesies.

Check out my personal favourite here, the fish is just so damn cute! Let me know what design is your favourite :)

Friday, July 3, 2009

BabyJo Bamboo Wear - Clothes of tomorrow for bubs of today

Available in store on July 11th – Babyjo are proud to present their new range of 100% Bamboo clothing, Pyjamas and blankets.

The “Aiko” range of Pyjamas is available in both single and double layer, depending on your needs for warmth (or not) and their new range has a gorgeous Japanese accent to it, with kimono tie waisted rompers, bodysuits and tops.

Available online or see Babyjo’s Stockist page for a store near you, or your favourite retailer.

Made from bamboo, an eco friendly and environmentally sustainable material, Babyjo Bamboo clothing is stylish, affordable and oh-so-cute! They offer a gorgeous range of clothing essentials for newborns to size 3, gift sets for new arrivals, personalised handmade gifts and a beautiful range of 2 layer bamboo/organic cotton blankets for summer or winter. Bamboo Fibre has the most luxurious feel to it - almost like a cross between cashmere and silk and it "wicks" moisture away from the body to keep baby's skin clean and comfortable.

  • Organically Grown
  • Eco friendly and 100% Biodegradable
  • Softer than the softest Cotton
  • Naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antistatic
  • 3 times more absorbent than cotton
  • Odour resistant
  • Soothing for eczema and allergy sufferers - has shown effective relief for these problems
  • Highly breathable and thermo regulating - 2-3 degrees warmer or cooler in summer or winter
  • UV Resisting
Check out their full range here