Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Spreading the Cloth Nappy Love

Cloth Nappy Love is dedicated to spreading the love of cloth nappies with all.  Cloth Nappy Love was launched late 2009 and is already fast becoming the go to site for all you need to know about using or making the switch to cloth nappies.  They are the only site in New Zealand to have a comprehensive directory of where you can buy nappies from around the world.

Cloth Nappy Love has been created by Louise, an avid cloth nappy user and cloth nappy expert.  She has been using cloth for over 3 years and has a successful cloth nappy retail store, Scamps Boutique.  

Louise realised there was a huge gap in the New Zealand cloth nappy market,with no website that offered easy to find and easy to understand information regarding cloth nappies and where to buy them from.  She found the NZ based cloth nappy forums to be lacking in their providing of information. After speaking with a number of mums she realised that most mums found forums to be intimating and they couldn't get easy to understand information without being inundated with conflicting and biased opinions from well meaning forum members.  

Cloth Nappy Love is a safe haven for parents new to cloth to ask questions without the forum environment and get all the information they need from one website.

You will also find reviews, give aways and articles about cloth nappy businesses!  

Cloth Nappy Love - a truly one of kind website dedicated to spreading the love of cloth!