Thursday, July 30, 2009

An insight into my two girls

I really love this photo that my wonderful husband took of me with our two girls.

Had to share this one of our baby sucking her toes. Brings a smile to my face everytime I look at it :)

Thought I would share a bit about the girls birth stories. I do enjoy hearing about birth stories even if does make me even more clucky.

Amelia was born in 2006, a planned home birth, and is turning 3 in Sept, I honestly can't believe my little baby is nearly 3! She is excited to be having a party but not too sure what we are doing for her. My 1st attempt was shocking! I burnt the bottoms of the cupcakes, and her cake wasn't cooked properly (ovens fault...I swear!) and fell to bits when I tried getting it out of the tin. So we had to do a mad rush to the bakery for one which meant Daddy couldn't eat it.

Kiya was born in 2009, should have been another home birth but unfortunately everything conspired against it, she was almost a road side baby but we made it to the maternity unit with about 5 mins to spare. At 5 months, Kiya is a big baby (I don't do small babies it would seem) already 67cm long so almost in size 0-size 1 clothes and is 7kg already so that means medium nappies - just another excuse to buy more nappies haha!

Did your birth go according to plan?

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