Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wet Wednesday

Wednesday mornings are a mad rush of getting out the door no later than 8.40am and today was no different. The weather was looking a little dodgy but the sun was out so I didn't give it another thought. I got my 2 girls ready, DD#1 feed, showered and dressed ready for preschool, DD#2 feed, nappy change and in the wrap all ready to go - somewhere in all that I managed to have a shower and get dressed myself!

The walk to preschool was non eventful. DD#1 had a few tears when I tried to say 'bye, see you at 3'. As I had nothing urgent waiting for me at home (expect a bag full of dirty cloth nappies waiting to be washed...) I decided to stay with her until she was happy. Half an hour later after lots of cuddles, I was able to leave which was good, DD#2 was sitting in yet another pooy nappy!

Walking out the door, I realised it was raining, we had no jackets, no umbrella, got offered a cuppa in the staff room and use of a disposable nappy. I declined the offer, tucked DD#2 up in the wrap and had her completely covered by the fabric in an attempt to keep her dry, and home we went.

How impressed was I when I got home, unwrapped DD#2 thinking she will be a bit damp but no she was in fact dry, and snoring!! Who knew baby wearing in the rain would work so well!

So I thought I would share my little story about baby wearing in wet weather (of course the outcome may have been different if it was raining heavier) and this wonderful product with you all!

"There is something primal about walking bare foot in the rain wearing your baby"

Popit Wrap

The Popit Wrap is an extremely comfortable yet versatile way to wear your baby. With many different tying options the Popit Wrap is great value for money. This wrap is fully reversible so you get two wraps for the price of one.

  • Made from 100% Cotton
  • 100% New Zealand made
  • Can be used from birth to approx two years old.
  • Fully reverisble - Black or Dark Grey on one side and a colour on the other
  • The wrap only stretches width wise so your baby is fully secure but comfortable
  • Designed to fit up to approx women's size 20 (it is 5m in length)
The Popit Wrap is available from Scamps Eco Boutique


  1. Yay for babywearing! Both our boys like to sleep in our carriers, rain or shine :0)

  2. A lot can be said about babywearing! It is an addiction just like cloth nappies :)