Monday, April 27, 2009

International Cloth Nappy Week

April 27th to 3rd May 2009

Cloth nappies are old school and we love them as do many parents across the world! We all share the same passion that is cloth nappies - better for the environment, your wallet and they look so damn cute on your babies bum!!

So what is International Cloth Nappy Week all about? Well it is about sharing the love of cloth nappies and helping non cloth nappy users to try them. There are many myths out there about cloth nappies which just aren't true.

Why do I love using cloth nappies?
The colours, the prints, the fabric that are used to create cloth nappies - you can colour match to outfits, you can also use them as an educational tool to teach your child the different colours!

Knowing that I am not throwing away a nappy to sit for years in land fills, that I can wash and reuse just like clothes - it only adds an extra load of washing each week!

The cost, I have already spent thousands of dollars on disposable nappies before I found cloth nappies but now I am saving money each week because I don't have to buy nappies or wipes so I can afford to buy things that we need - like cute new baby clothes!

I think the best thing about using a cloth nappy is you can customise the absorbency of the nappy to suit, so if you have a heavy wetter or to use a cloth nappy over night all you need to do is add a couple more inserts/boosters and away you go - now you can't do that with a disposable!

Try a cloth nappy today!! We have Cloth Nappy Week Specials just for you :)

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