Monday, June 1, 2009

Wool Soakers with a difference

Ever wondered what Gran used before the likes of PUL? She used the wonder of wool, knitted into pilchers (wooly overnaps, soakers) and now you can to!

Wool is a fantastic fibre to use for a overnap product. Naturally warm when wet, stretchy, absorbant, deodourising and soft.

GranNZ Overwraps using the magic of wool in a new clever design. No more fiddly pull up pilchers with annoying waist ties that cut into baby. Uses hook n loop closures for the perfect fit and the clever wrap design means it caters for all leg shapes and sizes!

Grannz fastening

Now available in custom colours! Want a certain colour that isn't currently in stock? No worries simply tell me what colour you want and my supplier (who happens to be a work at home!) will do her best to get that colour!

GranNZ Wraps in stock at Scamps Eco Boutique

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